KSARDA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity. We Graciously Accept Donations.  

We would rather be called and not needed than needed and not called !!

All Services Are Provided Free Of Charge

Call Out Number
(Emergency Agency Use Only)

913-73K-9SAR (913-735-9727)
Kansas (Statewide) - Mutual Aid

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For More Information About KSARDA,
Contact: membership@ksarda.org or click on Membership in the menu bar

Mike Jausel,
Deputy Director
Southern Region
Heather Swift,
Sheila Stern
Deputy Director
Northern Region
mikejausel@gmail.com hmv255@hotmail.com smswesty@hotmail.com
    Cell:  301-904-4599
Cell:  316-390-2353
Cell:  785-564-1082